Dai Dali 73-Year Old Pole Dancer: China

CHINA: Dai Dali is a 73-year-old pole dancer from China. Her astonishing pole dancing performances are a viral sensation in the country.

Watching her perform it is impossible to believe she could be 73 years old. She is from nowhere affected by the age-related cliches.

Dai believes in sports and explains it is a very positive and meaningful activity.

Her performances are very inspiring for many people and she has be told that on social media by many.

People on social media tell her that she is the pride for old and a good example for the young.

Age does not restrict Dai from pole dancing. Dai intends to keep dancing till she can.

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Dai Dali discovered her pole dancing passion when she retired at the age of 65. That was just eight years ago.

She has been training religiously ever since. She has also been advancing her art and pushing her limits as far as the pole dancing championships.

Dai Dali 73 Year Old Pole Dancer: China

Dai Dali states Pole dancing is a sport of strength and beauty and the body tells everything. She started pole dancing at the age of 65 and she felt it was beautiful like a bird stretching to fly in the sky.

She has also got hurt a lot of times while training and was left with bruises for a week.

She admits she is not a fast learner as she lacks strength. She also states the sport is tough even for the young but she was bold enough to join the contests.

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Since then she has won many awards that has encouraged her to go on.

Pole dancing requires strict discipline. You have got to be neat and accurate, it takes time. My family and friends are concerned about me. But I know I can do it, I don’t think it is dangerous. Learning pole dancing is not my purpose but my goal, it is what a person lives for.

China’s Oldest Pole Dancer

Asia’s Got Talent Backstage – Dai Dali

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