Yamaha launched New Sticker of YB125Z 2019

KARACHI:  Yamaha Motor Pakistan has launched the new YB125Z 2019 Model, the launching ceremony was held at LuckyOne Mall, Karachi. 

Yamaha fellas just changed the sticker, Nothing else rest it’s 99.9% same. Color variation ‘Blue, Red and Black’ available. 

Perhaps,  Yamaha wants to stay in the market with the same trend as other motorbike manufacturers in Pakistan. 

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There were speculations about Alloy Rims and Disc Brakes will be introduced in the base model YB125Z which are already present in YBR 125 and YBR 125 G both bikes are considered as one of the most ‘Youth’s favorites’

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             YAMAHA YB125Z 2019 

YAMAHA YB125Z 2019
YAMAHA YB125Z 2019

Meanwhile, YB125Z is known as a ‘family bike’

On the occasion the known two bikers and vloggers  ‘Dat Biker Dude’ (Aqeeq Ansari) and ‘Horsepower’ (Harris Awan) were present. 

According to Harris Awan ‘Horsepower‘ – The YB125Z is for a family guy and that’s why Yamaha is not trying to experiment with it the base model already the rupee devaluation prices of bikes have hiked drastically.  

As for Aqeeq Ansari ‘Dat Biker Dude‘ who was also present at the launch ceremony says – “Even the International Automakers takes 4 to 6 years to change the generation ‘Model’ it has been only 2 and half years since Yamaha introduced YB125Z in Pakistani market to compete with Suzuki GS150 and Honda CG 125, I guess we have to wait for few years to see how Yamaha grows.”

Dat Biker dude calls it ‘Luqmani Munjan by Yamaha Motors’ 

The Biker manufacturers wil not going to introduce anything new and innovative until and unless people are ready for it. 

Launching same bike with new sticker has been a trend since 1980’s in Pakistan. The only change which we noticed was YBR 125 and YBR 125 G. 

Trending: Yamaha Pakistan launched New Colour of YBR 125 G

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