’Quaid-e-Azam’ Mohammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948)

 Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the creator of Pakistan after getting independence from British in 1947. He became the Governor- General of Pakistan. India remained a secular country, while Pakistan declared itself a Muslim country. For the creation of Pakistan, he was honored with the title of,’Quaid-e-Azam’.

    Mohammad Ali Jinnah was born in 1876 in British India. He studied law and became a leading lawyer of his time. He worked in the freedom struggle movement against Britishers. He joined the Congress and participated in the movements with Gandhiji.  But, later on, his mind was poisoned by Britishers. He started thinking that Gandhiji was favouring the Hindus at the cost of the Muslims. Thus, for the sake of the Muslims, Jinnah formed Muslim League and demanded a separate state for the Muslims. As a result, Gandhiji had to listen to his demand with heavy heart.

    In 1942, the Cripps Mission recognized Jinnah’s view for a separate state of Pakistan. Again, in 1946, at the conference in London, Jinnah insisted on the partition of British India into Indian and Muslim states.

    After independence, British India was divided into India and Pakistan, two separate countries. Mohammad Ali Jinnah became first Governor-General of Pakistan on the transfer of power in August 1947.

After the partition, there was chaos in both countries. Jinnah tried to steer his country out of partition trauma. Pakistan had to face Hindu-Muslim riots and refugee problems, etc. Jinnah faced these problems patiently and brought back normalcy to his country. He had to manage communal riots of Punjab and Bengal. During the period of his administration as Governor-General, he was never in peace and died a year after partition.

Life of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

The Timeline brief history of India and Pakistan
The Timeline brief history of India and Pakistan

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