Ultimate Car Anti Theft Security Using Android. (DIY)


car anti theft security
Car being Stolen

Car Anti Theft Security

Ultimate Car Anti Theft Security Using Android.

(Do it yourself at Cheap Cost)

1) GPS Enabled Android Handset (Price 5k to 10k Pak Rs)
2) Car Mobile Charger (Price 150/- to 250/- Pak Rs)
3) Key Less Entry or Car Security Alarm Pre-Installed. (Price 1500 – 2500 Pak Rs)

Android Apps Required

1) Avast Anti Theft
2) AutomateIt – Automate your Droid

I Recommend Gfive A-57 (5000 Pak Rs) or Huawei IDEOS X3 U8510 (8000 Pak Rs)
mobiles as they are cheap and we Only need Good GPS only,


1) Install Avast anti Theft on your Mobile and Configure it, I Recommend it to install as Rooted installation,

2) Install Automatelt-Automate App and Automate the Task “External Power Connected” to call your Predefined Cell Phone
Number. So that you Automatically Get the Phone Call from Mobile Whenever it is connected the Power Source.

3) Open car Mobile Charger, it will have Two Wires (+ve and -ve or Ground),

4) Using a Piece of wire Connect the +ve Wire of Car Charger to the Siren Output of Car Security Alarm preinstalled in your
Car and Connect -ve or groud wire of Car Charger with the Door Switch Wire.
If you feel this task difficult, You Take help of any Car Electritian for this Task for 100 Pak Rs.

5) Now Most Important, Hide all these some where in your Car on the place of your Choice. (Not to Mention)

Other Modifications:

1) You could also connect the +ve Terminal of your Car Mobile Charger with Cigar Lighter, so your car Mobile Phone Will get
charged Automatically when Car is Runing But in that case you get one Ignorable Call from your Car Mobile when you start the

2) Attach the Viberation Sensor of your Car Security Alarm with Car LCD Screen instead of Body, so as to Protect the Costly
Car LCD,
by Default it is attached with Body and you get False Alarms for any Minor Hit to the Car Body.

3) You Could also see Posts, about How Improve GPS Speed and accuracy of Phone you are using as it is very Important.


1) Get Current Position of your Car by sending SMS Commands from Any Other Mobile (Even Simple Phones), Avast will Reply with
Lat/Lon position back.
2) In case of any Un Authorized Car Access, Car Mobile will Call your Cell phone to Alert You.


1) You cannot Stop the Car Engine, (No car immobilizer)
In my Option it is use less because all car immobilizers could be easily Bypass using a Simple Piece of wire.(Not to
Mention),and most Car Theives Knows this weakness

2) Some car Theives Break the Car Miror and Open Car Hood (Bonet), Unplug the Batteries.

Way Arround:
Simple : Un Hook the car Hood Opener wire and Hide it, you Could Open the Car Hood using nose plier when Required.


Complex :Attach an Auxilary battery with your Car Alarm system, that will give Backup Power when Main battery is Disconnected.

For any Queries Contact :  itdanjum@gmail.com

Car Charger

Car Charger Connected

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