What does INCPak stands for?

A. Independent News Coverage Pakistan.

What makes INCPak different than others?

A. We are completely web based Social News media agency, here you won’t find any hi profile nor well know but all the INCPak members are ordinary Pakistanis from the different corners. We are spreading awareness and our motive is not personal gain but Pakistan.

Why anyone joins INCPak?

A. INCPak is not affliliated with any political party nor organization we are handful ordinary people who believe that we are the change and by joining INCPak team all will help humanity and Work the betterment of Pakistan.

What is Tech Talks?

Its a category where we share the technology News / Information and solutions to all the visitors, Since INCPak believes in Educate People rest will get straight automatically so we are educating in a way and empowering Youth that instead of being spolied in Politics its better to get into Technical stuff, which is why Tech Talks has made its stance under tough competitor versus but than again Thanks to Almighty Allah for everything.

Who Owns INCPak ?

A. It was the vision of Farhan Imaan F.Abro who is Founder and CEO of INCPak handling all the issues, However he doesn’t owns it but there are 3 more along with him Zain Hashmi from UK, Aleem Ashraf Hyderabad Pakistan and Muhammad Asad Karachi Pakistan, all are admins, all have the equal authority.

If I Join, what would be my Position?

A. It depends on your field of skill and knowledge, however if Admin selected than you will be part of the team who will be able to post as Author.

Why INCPak is Web Based ?

A. We are in electronic age where things are more shared heard and known via internet, INCPak’s vision is not just up till web but we will InshaAllah publish quaterly Magazine too yet we are enhancing services on the web and our main focus will remain the same Virtual News Media Source.

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