Justice For Gul Sakina: five years old baby raped and murdered

PARACHINAR: Justice For Gul Sakina – She was just five-years-old baby and she wasn’t spared. Raped, murdered and thrown in a pond.

One after another, little girls and little boys. The government nor the system is able to control the lunatics. May the wrath of God fall on them.

Gul Sakina with the face of a little angel was a first-grade student. Her dead body was found in a pond near Pewar Ghundi Khel.

Her parents are protesting and demanding justice.

Where are the authorities, where is the government, where is everybody. Moulanas of our country are dead, they are only seen protesting for their own monetary gains.

Social Media has raised voice in anger for Justice for Gul Sakina. As usual, the media does not care, the government does not care. No one has bothered to take any notice.

Kurram Bar Association has raised voice

The lawyers’ community of Kurram District is protesting against the rape and murder of five-year-old Gul Sakina. They are demanding a high level of investigation against the elements involved.

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Addressing the protest rally of lawyers in Parachinar, Mohammad Ali Tori, President Bar Association Parachinar and Omar Bangash, General Secretary said, they condemn the assault and murder of five-year-old student Gul Sakina. They demanded quick and effective action from the concerned authorities.

The lawyers’ community also said it was the first protest by the lawyers after the Kurram District merger with FATA. They will not stay quiet and they demand the public hanging of the rapist.

Students of Technical College Protest

Students of Technical College gathered in front of Parachinar press club to demand Justice for Gul Sakina.

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Gul Sakina went missing

Gul Sakina went to school on 13th November and never returned home. She was found dead. Medical examination revealed she was sexually assaulted before she was killed.

After hours of search, her body was found in a pond near the border area with Afghanistan and Kurram District Pakistan. The school guards are in police custody for interrogation. Investigations are underway.

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